Your team can utilize our growing library of ready-made television commercials to help close the deal on new business, increase the buy on existing clients, or simply reward your top spenders with new creative.

Make it a part of your pitch!

It’s easier to sell creative when clients can see exactly what they are getting. You can present spots or campaigns online through our website or offline by downloading individual files.

It’s not about better production.
It’s about better SALES!

We don’t want to replace your production department. But every now and then there are those clients that need more than what your team can handle. Even if they had the time, doing spec spots for potential clients does not make sense financially. That’s where we come in. Since there are no upfront costs, you have the ability to walk in with a super-creative concept – one that is really going to impress them. And that’s going to help you get the sale!

Ready to get started?

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Our team of experienced advertising professionals will come to your market and host a sales event that promotes your organization while explaining the benefits of multi-platform advertising along with great creative. With a little help from you prior to the meeting with the client (information, back-story, logos, etc), we present a customized campaign before they walk out the door.

Advertisers in local markets usually don't have access to good, creative ad campaigns. Once more, they do not know how to keep consistency across multiple platforms while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

In an informative 45-minute session, we'll show businesses how they can take cues from national advertisers and apply them to their own marketing efforts for more successful results.

How does it work?


We not only train your staff, but also provide extensive sales materials and offer support through-out the process – before and after the sale.

Sales Event

We'll conduct in-market meetings with your clients through a much-hyped marketing event exclusive to select advertisers.

Delivered Product

We present a customized campaign to your clients and deliver final versions within days, so you can get them on the air in no time!